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Statement of  Purpose

   The goal of Zenzo's Zen Room is to reduce the anxiety level of folks who are facing physical death. 

   It also aims to soothe folks who are going through a tough time emotionally due to the loss of their loved one(s).  

   We aim to achieve our goals through counseling sessions we offer for free. 


   Modern humans are so accustomed to living in a reality supported by common sense. 

The common sense can be summarized as follows. 

1. Humans operate in one specific dimension called the reality.

2. The existence of reality is something that can be scientifically and rationally proved. 

3. Anything that fails to fall into the authorized category/categories set up by humans (e.g., chemistry, dynamics, mechanics, physics, etc.) is considered abnormal, strange, and weird.

   As long as you live in a reality supported by common sense, you are safe, namely, you can lead a normal life without worrying about something profound, well, until you face death. In the face of death, you may question the rationale of the reality supported by common sense. You may ask questions as follows. 

"What if I die?" "After my death, will I go to heaven or somewhere else?"

"Once I die, will I disappear forever or will I remain alive as a spirit or something?"

"What happened, or, what is happening now to those who passed away?"


   Zen provides us with a clue to give an answer to these questions. Here is a famous Zen sutra.

"Form itself is emptiness, emptiness itself is a form." (色即是空、空即是色)

(Zenzo's interpretation: Every form of categorization is arbitrary, artificial, and basically useless. For example, the distinction between the state of "being alive" and the state of "being dead" is arbitrary, artificial, and basically useless.)

   Here is a Zen story. 

   A Zen master Xiyun said to the assembly as follows: "Inner and outer, body and mind - all must be discarded. Most people are unwilling to empty their minds, fearing they might fall into emptiness. They do not realize that mind itself is empty from the start."

(Zenzo's interpretation: The concept of dichotomy can be an obstacle when you ----- you fill in the blank.) 


   Finally, let me present a famous dialogue between two Zen masters. 

Joshu asked his teacher Nansen, "Teacher, what is the true Way?" 

Nansen: "Everyday way is the true Way."

Joshu: "Can I study it?" 

Nansen: "The more you study, the more you stay away from it."

Joshu: "If I don't study it, how can I know it?" 

Nansen: "The Way does not belong to things seen, nor to things unseen. It does not belong to things known, nor to things unknown. Do not seek it, study it, or name it. To find ourself on it, open yourself wide as the sky."

(Zenzo's interpretation: The Way is one of the key themes in Zen and Taoism. The Way refers to the force that organizes everything including Planet Earth, the Solar System, the universe, and something humans cannot see or perceive intellectually. Some people call it God. The Way is composed of countless of dimensions, one of which is familiar to humans living on one small planet in the universe. Sticking to one dimension does not offer you a key to open the door of multiple dimensions. ) 


   The following is a hypothesis Zenzo has elicited so far. 

1. The reality humans recognize as "normal reality" is just one dimension. 

    (In fact, physics has partially explained the existence of multiple dimensions. Physicists including Dr. Michio Kaku have done a great job on this issue.)

2. When a person dies, the body stops functioning. 

3. At that moment of death, we have two options: (1) completely disappear, evaporate, and vanish spiritually (2) remain active (or "alive") in a different form such as a spirit existing in a different dimension (or dimensions).

   In Zenzo's counseling sessions, participants exchange ideas and thoughts on the hypothesis (with reference to Zen stories, if necessary). In the process of doing it, a person who is facing death as well as his or her family members may find something valuable. In addition, they may find a way to reframe the incident of death that happened to their loved one(s). 


   If you are interested, click the mail icon at the bottom of this page and send an e-mail to Zenzo. Note that smokers and illegal drug users are not eligible to request counseling sessions. 

   Zenzo has NO intention to teach, preach, promote, or sell something to anyone. The counseling sessions are complimentary. In the same way, Zenzo wants no one to sell something (such as a $90 spiritual stone which gives supernatural power to the owner etc.) to him. This Web site has NO relationship with any religious groups, institutions, or organizations. 


1) If all the members in the client group and Zenzo reach a mutual agreement, Zenzo is going to show them a video that (partially) proves the existence of multiple dimensions. The video captured some scenes when he visited his family's grave in 2010. In the video, while he is cleaning the graveyard, some entities  (probably his ancestors' spirits) appear suddenly from different dimensions, and disappear. The video helped Zenzo to elicit his hypothesis presented above and urged him to start offering Zen counseling sessions for free. To avoid the leakage and misuse of the video, Zenzo will not show it to others online. He will never upload the video online, either.


2) A renowned scientist Dr. Michio Kaku clarifies the concept of multiple dimensions (higher dimensions) with clear terminology on his Web site. You can visit his home page and read one of his articles (Hyperspace – A Scientific Odyssey) for reference. 



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